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`Yes! Yes! Yes!' Gibbs followed more sedately, smiling inwardly. His lungs were badly infected due to dirty Chesapeake Bay water. But, this time, someone is there to  28 Apr 2011 Tony is suffering from a health crisis and he doesn't want anyone at so much trouble breathing, but now his lungs hurt with every breath. Warnings: No beta . Where sometimes it proves that Anthony DiNozzo is only human And we show we love him by how much we keep reminding him of his damaged lungs Gibbs and Tony have been married for almost 9 months but everything is changing now. Theme: Episode Related Sub-Theme: Requiem (5x07) What is in this list? Episodes inspired by the fifth season episode 'Requiem' These can be tags, missing scenes, AU's, anything goes as long as it is over 500 words and well written. All pairings and almost all genres. And he was a friend. Brad Pitt had been called in as a specialist on Tony’s damaged lungs. 12 Mar 2011 Tony woke up an hour later at Bethesda. As he listened to Tony's lungs a frown filled his face. . “His name was Special Agent Chris Pacci. fanfiction ncis She recognized Tony, hung head and seemingly shrinking to a minimum. They are already short handed and last thing Tony needs is to get sick. Dedicated to my favourite NCIS episode of SWAK. McGee did the same, and over to pinch the agent's nose closed and blow air into his lungs. Netflix release  McGee went to do that while Gibbs tried to wake Tony up. The universe also frequently features the rest of their NCIS family,  15 Feb 2017 Fandom: NCIS/H50 Characters: pre-Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett. Nobody wondered that he didn't stare at every pretty woman who passed his way. Tony was covered from neck to toe in an electric blanket, which was warm to the touch, and a cap on his head. A/N: Currently on hiatus, I haven't been watching the show recently and need to get some more inspiration for the progression of the story. ” Steve's eyes sparkle briefly. Kelly held her breath while watching the scenario. ' ***** Tony bounded down the stairs, ignoring the odd looks from those on the staircase with him. Tony scowled. No pneumonia, no congestion, no fever, just scarring on your lungs  4 Jul 2008 No Better Place Author: Fyre Faerie (clearday) Fandom: NCIS Pairing: Getting his report together and placing it on Gibbs' desk, Tony hurried so badly that he catches something that could cause an issue with his lungs. DiNozzo sat in his car, parked two houses down from Leroy Jethro Gibbs' house. 8 Apr 2012 I own nothing NCIS. Gibbs leant down and pinched Tony's nose again, then blew another breath in to the younger man's unmoving body. Tony heard a body fall to the ground, and for a second death flashed before his eyes One-shot or short fics about any NCIS character or any issue. `Come on in. 1 Aug 2011 He knew better than anyone how weak Tony's lungs still were, knew how He'd known Tony would be a good fit for NCIS, and for his team. As Jenny's undercover operation hits a hurdle, she's forced to disclose Tony's role in the operation to Gibbs, McGee and Ziva, all of whom are left stunned by the truth concerning Meanwhile, Tony starts having problem with his lungs, threatening his future as a field agent. . Complete, GEN Seeing by Asa Meda The Most Ridiculously Long Pieces of NCIS Fanfiction. 8 Nov 2015 Tony has a problem, even though he doesn't know what it is. "It's the pain. She didn’t understand anything that was said but she could tell from Tony’s features that he was near breaking point. Recommender's Note: Not classical hurt/comfort, in that the whump is minor and in the background. 26 Mar 2012 “Stop,” Tony said weakly, the pain in his chest making it nearly impossible to speak. "I'd hate to  Meanwhile, Tony starts having problem with his lungs, threatening his future as a field agent. This does not mean I am abandoning it. Gibbs blew a breath in to Tony's unmoving lungs and his cheeks puffed out, then he leant back on his haunches as he watched Tony's chest rise and fall. When a coughing fit strikes him, it takes a turn for the  13 Mar 2012 Breathe. Sequel to Suddenly, things fell silent. Bookmark Notes: These two are funny and sassy and kinky and adorable. , Leroy  26 Apr 2011 Ever since catching the plaque off that darned envelope Tony just couldn't seem to . What we do get, though, that makes me classify it as h/c, is a physically vulnerable Tony, and a protective Gibbs. Keyword tags: fanfic SpecialAgentZiva tiva. Summary Tony takes some advice from an old friend and goes for a run that could prove deadly. Tony arrives at work coughing as his lungs are playing up again. The Director held his door open for both of them. Even the audio Ducky listened to his heart and lungs then nodded. They needed to get his temperature up, they told Gibbs, and he nodded. In which Gibbs has this weird thing going on about Tony's lungs. "Breathe DiNozzo," Gibbs murmured. Most of these seem to feature Tony (can't think why that might be) but all the regulars are included, even Cynthia. though you do have a nice pair of cracked ribs - and one hit his lungs. 26 Oct 2009 She'd blacked out from blood loss, her hand still on Tony's wrist from when she had checked his pulse. Also, Tony (Stark) taking Gibbs to task over abuse and victim blaming etc, and then Tony (DiNozzo) having a totally abused victim conversation with Gibbs while not knowing that was what he was doing was class. "McGee - I need you back at NCIS," Gibbs said, as straight to the point as ever. 10 Nov 2018 Summary: Tony DiNozzo has always been pretty healthy all his life but . A/N Thanks for all the feedback! As always, special t Bury Your Dead is the premiere episode of NCIS Season 5 and also the ninety-fifth episode of the entire NCIS series. disappeared and he couldn't get any of it into his damaged lungs. This is probably the most in-character ''NCIS'' fanfiction I've Time Gone By NCIS TIVA Fanfiction Fanfiction (After Season 11 Past, Present and Future, Ziva is gone) Nobody ever asked why Tony wasn't dating and flirting any more. “My knee and my lungs. Exceptions: Fics containing graphic descriptions of traumata (rape, torture, etc. From what I could see, there is a high chance that the lung has been punctured,  23 Apr 2010 "Tony!" Ziva shouted into the darkness below. It hit her hard when she finally caught some words spoken by the man who must be DiNozzos father. For the Anon who requested “a crossover of Criminal Minds and NCIS where the reader is married to Morgan and while meeting Gibbs’ team for the case Tony flirts with Reader and Morgan yells at Tony and started to being protective of reader around tony” Read Chapter 20 from the story NCIS: McBaby by HarmonFreak (Brooke) with 2,583 reads. Complete, GEN Just a cough by Richefic Summary: Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year at NCIS. Gibbs laughed. He deserved the praise. And he's always tried to hide it. Tony had had a tough few weeks. It's Not Christmas Without You. Nothing over 10,000 words (unless it's a series of individual one-shots). That got a nod and the officer got him one of the kits then they headed back to NCIS. An eclectic mix of quality NCIS fanfics that only have one thing in common: The "team is family" dynamic and the individual characters at their best. Tony gave another little cough as the smoke irritated the lining of his lungs,  Watch ncis fanfiction tony tan on sbs it is mikhail varshavski doctor who tells long tony dinozzo was leaving the episode, or copper airline home. ) and fics with the only goal of character bashing. Tony’s face was turned away from the entrance, a heavy hand pressing his face down, but he heard Gibbs’ steady voice. leroy, ncis, mcgee. They said he might develop pneumonia, and that Dr. He had a fever of 103 and was  NCIS - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,976 - Reviews: 126 - Favs: 594 - Follows: 101 - Published: Jan 28, 2012 - Tony D. He hadn't told anyone what happened in Israel, bu tiva tiva fanfiction ncis ncis fan fiction tony dinozzo Ziva David able to fill her lungs full of the air they’ve been crying out for. “Gibbs and Tony settle into their new life, but will Gibbs be able to keep Tony or will he lose control to someone else. ” Two beats, and then—a gunshot rang off. he was rugged up tightly in his warmest winter clothes, scarf wrapped thrice around his neck, the heating in his car on full blast, radio playing Christmas songs softly in the background. Gibbs is withdrawing from Tony and Tony, being Tony, fears the worst. Summary: Cold air and exercise can sometimes irritate Tony's lungs. calm, eventually announcing his need to go to NCIS for a few hours. ncis fanfiction tony lungs

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